Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lou Goes Swimming in The Legend of Landlock

Day 27 - The Legend of Landlock
Designed by Edith Schlichting

The Legend of Landlock is a great 2 player game (can be played with 4 players in 2 teams) which has some similarity to Carcassonne, but the game is a lot quicker and is geared a bit more towards kids. I received this game for Christmas one year from my boss, I used to work at a toy store called Magical Moon Toys, and I was a little surprised at the choice. I originally thought to myself, "Why did they give me some children's game?" The fact is, it is a fantastic children's game and it plays well for a quick adult game as well. The Legend of Landlock was a Mensa Select Game Winner in 2002. One player is Water and the other is Land and each player battles to create a continuous path that touches each side of the "board" that is created (10 points for touching all 4 sides, 7 points for 3 sides, and 5 points for 2 sides). You also score points for creating Islands or Ponds (surrounding your opponent - this gives you 4 points for each) and you score points for Roaming Gnomes and for choosing to lay Tussocks (a point for each). Their are Bridge tiles which allow you to remove a tile and place it where the old tile was, and your opponent then plays the removed tile. The game is very well done with some great artwork. The game is very simple, and yet is a fun game. Gamewright did a great job with the packaging and quality of the tiles (they always seem to do a great job and produce some great games). Water prevailed today by creating an Island near the very end of the game. I hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day Weekend. Summer is just right around the corner and A Game A Day continues on strong. Thanks everyone for your support thus far and I hope that this can continue on for many more days. I recently added another page to the blog with a quick access list of the games played up to the current day. I hope this comes in handy for y'all. Board games are awesome and that is How Lou Sees It!

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