Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Your Tickets to CDZA!

CDZA Music

Learned about this group on a CNN story actually. They are pretty amazing. You should also check out Zuckerberg: The Musical (warning: there is a bleeped out 2 seconds) and any of their other videos (the whistler guy is amazing).

Day 15 - Ticket to Ride
Designed by Alan R. Moon

Chuga chuga chuga, choo chooooo! Here comes the trains. A game to make Thomas himself smile with delight. A game for 2-5 train builders, this game takes about an hour to play. There are multiple maps or versions of this game, but this review is specifically for the US version. The object of the game is to end the game with the most victory points. You obtain points by achieving your certain destination ticket cards (example: Toronto to Miami). The longer the route, the more points its worth. If you have a ticket card and are unable to build a train line that connects the cities, you get minus the amount of points on the ticket. Players draw certain colored train cards (there are wilds as well) to build on certain routes. A player may also draw more ticket cards throughout the game (drawing 3, keeping at least 1). Very good family game. Kids around 7 or 8 can play easily although they may miss out on some strategy. Nicole came out victorious tonight. Definitely worth playing and it couldn't hurt to own a copy (pick your version - there is Europe, Germany, etc) and that is How Lou Sees It.

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