Sunday, May 6, 2012


The Avengers movie hauls in more than 200 million dollars in one weekend! Take that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2! I can't wait to see this movie. That is some serious money people. It makes me wonder how the final Batman movie will fair this year (I think it will be right up there with The Avengers for opening weekend, but I'm not sure if it can catch 200 million...we will see.) Impressive. I hope to see The Avengers myself this next weekend.

Day 4 - Bananagrams
Designed by Rena and Abe Nathanson


Bananagrams sells itself by the clever packaging, but really it is playing Scrabble without the board, playing a crossword puzzle without clues, playing Words with Friends in person, and a game to stretch your mind and vocabulary. The game suggests playing options for 1-8 players and the time of the game can be pretty short depending on the abilities and number of players. Each player starts with a set number of tiles, and when they are flipped over it is a race to see who can use up all of their letters first. When one person has used all of their current tiles, he yells "Peel" and everyone gets another tile from the middle. A player may "Dump" one tile into the middle by drawing three to replace it. When all of the tiles from the middle are gone, the first done yells "Bananas!" Quick and portable word game which is fun for all ages. Me and The Wife played tonight and The Wife came out victorious (as always during this game). It was pretty close near the end, although she was the one calling out "Peel" every 3 seconds. I thought I was catching up when I drew an "x" with only 3 tiles in the middle. I took a risk and "Dumped" the "x" into the middle taking up the last three tiles. Unfortunately, The Wife had an "a" available for "ax" and left me with two letters remaining when she yelled out the delicious yellow fruit's name. Everyone have a great day and try and come up with as many words as possible that you can create from "THE AVENGERS." Post either the list of words and/or the number of words to see who can come up with the most! See you tomorrow everyone - sometimes life is a peach, sometimes it's a banana and that is How Lou Sees It.

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