Monday, May 7, 2012

DC Logo and a Barrel of Monkeys

New DC Logo

Well, as I was enjoying Free Comic Book Day this last Saturday I noticed that the DC logo had changed. It took me of guard a bit, because I have only really experienced the two previous logos. I really thought the previous logos were fantastic. There is a lot of debate over the new logo and I'm not sure how I really feel about it yet. The idea behind the logo is pretty cool, especially with it animated. The idea is that it shows the letter "D" which is peeled back to reveal a letter "C" underneath it. Well, here are some pics of the old and new logo. What do you think?

Day 5 - Barrel of Monkeys

The classic game of linking monkeys arm in arm. I like to think that they sing Kumbaya when they are all in the barrel. They have made a guest appearance on Toy Story, but the game and the monkeys like to keep it low key. The game is very simple. You dump out the monkeys and then link as many monkeys as you can. When one or more fall off, you count the remaining monkeys and add them to your total. The barrel says that the first to 12 monkeys wins. To make things more interesting you can of course make the number larger or add time limits etc. The Wife and myself played the official rules (but if the beginning player reaches or surpasses 12 first, the other player still gets a chance to add to his/her total as well). We played best 2 out of 3 and I came out the victor tonight. Some may say that I perhaps had the advantage because like the monkeys, I am very hairy. It didn't hurt any, I can assure you that...although the title of Monkey King has already been taken by this guy (impressive...and that is How Lou Sees It.)

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