Monday, November 28, 2016

Colt Express Steams to Digital Formats Today!

Check out the official press release about the digital version of the popular game Colt Express!

Enter the Wild West with Colt Express as the Digital Adaption of the Award-Winning Board Game Steamrolls iOS, Android, and PC Today (11/28/16).

6 Characters, 30 Single Player Chapters, and Online Multiplayer Bring Hours of Fun to the Role of a Train Robbing Bandit in this Turn-Based Strategy Game.

Paris – November 28, 2016 - Asmodee Digital, an international publisher and distributor of digital games, in collaboration with Frima Studios, a leader in the entertainment and innovation industry, announce that Colt Express is now available for iOS, Android, and PC.

Colt Express is a digital version of the Spiel des Jahres and Ace d’Or award-winning board game which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, and players can now pick up the turn-based strategy game on their favorite mobile device for $6.99, or on PC via Steam for $9.99.

Colt Express takes players to the Wild West where they must practice good strategy, with the use of cards, to maneuver around a train to collect as much loot as possible. There’s an extensive single player mode that features six unique bandits, each with their own goals and challenges, and 30 graphic novel stylized chapters – 5 per character. There are also exclusive game variants to unlock in the story mode that drive the train robbing action even further.

Players can also take their train robbing tactics online to compete with other thieves through online multiplayer and worldwide leaderboards that update in real-time. To make playing against friends easier, there is a Friend’s List option that enables users to add others to their list so they can choose to challenge them at anytime, anywhere.

“We’re thrilled to bring the wild west to mobile and PC gamers with the release of the new digital version of the award-winning Colt Express board game.” said Remi Hanesse, Product Manager at Asmodee Digital. “We can’t wait for digital outlaws to start scheming their way to lots of loot in the game’s extensive single player story mode and online multiplayer mode.”

Colt Express can be downloaded from the following links:
App Store Link:
Google Play Link:
Steam Link:

Colt Express, the famous train robbery game and Spiel des Jahres winner, is coming to digital. In Colt Express, players plot step-by-step actions with cards that move them around the train, take down other players, and pick up loot. After the scheming phase, dive into the action to take the most loot from the wagons. There is not enough for everyone, and a marshal is guarding the train so soon enough, bullets do the talking. Players must rethink their strategies on the move in this fast-paced game. Playable solo or with friends worldwide in multiplayer.

Key Features
·       A wild west-themed universe, inspired by the original board game and digitally modernized
·       Tactical and action-packed gameplay, for intense and unpredictable games
·       An extensive story mode: 6 characters through 30 chapters, each with their own goals
·       Many exciting and exclusive game variants to unlock in story mode
·       Online multiplayer mode with an exclusive to digital rules variant
·       Worldwide leaderboard, updated and available in real-time
·       A friends list that allows challenges anytime, anywhere

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About Asmodee Digital
Asmodee Digital, a fully owned subsidiary of the Asmodee Group, is an international publisher and distributor of digital games with operations located in Europe, North America, and China. Asmodee Digital manages the creation, design, development, publishing and marketing of board and card games on leading digital platforms for Asmodee studios (Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight Games) as well as for third party publishers. The Asmodee Digital catalogue includes best-selling digital games such as Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Small World 2, Mysterium, Potion Explosion, Mr Jack Pocket and digital versions of many other well-known board games.

About Ludonaute
Ludonaute is a French publisher of board games, based in Istres. Founded in 2009 by a pair of school teachers that are passionate about games, the company has published 11 titles to date. At first keeping their activities confined to the French market, the distribution of Ludonaute games quickly became global. Today, Ludonaute’s products are sold in 24 countries over three continents (Europe, Asia, North America) in more than 20 languages. Ludonaute’s editorial focus could be defined as: "Games that tell stories". The themes developed by Ludonaute summon imagination and mythology to transport players into unique playful universes.
Ludonaute’s published library includes:
-  Yggdrasil (cooperative tabletop game based on Nordic myths)
-  Crimebox Investigation (investigative game taking place in a "NCIS" universe)
-  Lewis & Clark (tabletop card management game based on the Lewis & Clark expedition)
-  The Little Prince - Make me a planet (a tile management game based on the classic little Prince license) The Ludonaute games have received many game awards in France and abroad. The most prestigious of these awards (Spiel des Jahres in Germany) was awarded in 2015 to Colt Express, a turn-based trainrobbing card game published in 2014.

About Frima Studios
Frima ( is a leader in the entertainment and innovation industry. Since its creation in 2003, the company has developed a wide range of digital products, from video games to visual effects to animation. Frima’s know-how also includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and connected toys. In addition to working in close collaboration with such prominent partners as LEGO, Mattel, Oddworld, Zynga, Ubisoft, Hasbro, and Electronic Arts, Frima’s original property division has released several hit titles, the likes of Chariot, Nun Attack, Zombie Tycoon, and FATED. With over 400 industry professionals on-board, the studio launches high-quality products that stand out both artistically and technologically.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Imagine - A Challenging Party Game with Transparent Fun

The Animated Guessing Game
A Party Game for 3-8 Players
Pictionary Style Game Using Set of Transparent Cards

A new pictionary-like guessing game with a unique concept. Using only the 61 transparent cards provided can you overlap and animate the cards to have someone guess "The Olympic Games" "Back to the Future" "Slipping on a Banana Peel" or "Pokemon"? The game has over 1,000 "enigmas" and you can even create your own challenging things to guess! I really enjoyed Imagine and I found it to be a nice fresh take on this genre of game. I will say that this game can be pretty challenging, but I really like the fact that you don't need to have artistic ability to play. You will need a good imagination however and the ability to make something out of random things. It is a good time. The quality of cards is great and the game includes TONS of guessing words as well as nice thick cardboard tokens to keep track of points. All of this fits in a well done insert. I just wish the rule book fit nicely in the box (a lot of games seem to have this issue - they make the rule book the size of inside of the top cover and yet it doesn't really fit inside the bottom box entirely - sorry, a little thing, but it keeps happening and it is annoying).

You don't need to rely on your artistic ability, but only your imagination and that is How Lou Sees It! (Please enjoy the pictures and the video review below!)

Enjoy A Storytelling Treasure With Your Kids. Time to Jump Ship!

Cardventure Series #2
15 Minutes
Play Solo or Group

Jump Ship is a great choose your own adventure story using decks of cards to navigate your way through the fun trying to collect as much treasure in the process. Highly recommend for young kids. The adventure may be lost on older kids and adults. My enjoyment of the game is seeing my kids get excited about a story and their interaction and guidance of the story. Would make a great bed time story/activity for anyone willing to Jump Ship and that is How Lou Sees It! Enjoy the pictures and more in-depth (no pun intended) video review below:

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I'm Back! Casually Armored, Let's Get To It!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long break, but life happens. I'm excited to get back and start writing and filming reviews and commentary for you all. I also plan to do some major updating and overhauls to the blog moving forward. I have a stack of games to go through and some reviews right around the corner! For now, I wanted to let you all know that I'm alive and well and that some great reviews are headed your way. Until then, please check out my Featured Kickstarters, as they are awesome and deserve your attention.

Casual Game Insider is currently on Kickstarter for its 5th year and that's definitely not by accident. CGI is by far my favorite board gaming publication. For one who has board games on the brain 24/7 it seems like, this is a fantastic read. I always enjoy reading reviews of games, but in my honest opinion, the articles in the publication is why I look forward to the newest copy of CGI. They have some great individuals write about topics that really interest me. From how board games are manufactured to a discussion on winning or game mechanics, CGI doesn't disappoint. But you don't have to take my word for it! Here is a free digital copy of their Summer 2016 publication! Enjoy, and don't forget to check out there Kickstarter!

Armored Core: RTS is the other Featured Kickstarter at the moment, and I honestly don't have experience with this like CGI, but I must say that the Kickstarter caught my eye. It has almost raised 250,000 dollars as of this post! It is based off of a video game (which I have not played) where players pilot mechs and command support troops simultaneously! It really looks like they are capturing the feel of a real time video game with this intriguing design. There are some awesome miniatures with bases that will show line of sight. I'm very interested in finding out how this will all come together to provide a unique gaming experience. When I get my copy after production, be sure to come back and check out my review, and until then, check out the Kickstarter while you still can!