Sunday, April 21, 2013

Board Games Full of Benefits

The Deseret News of Salt Lake City recently published this news article discussing the many benefits of playing board games. I especially liked Tom Vasel's quote in the article: "It's not a coincidence that the majority of board gamers are teachers, scientists and engineers," Vasel said. "Board games make you think, and thinking is something that increases your level of intelligence."  Tom Vasel is a family man and a great reviewer of board games. You can learn more about Tom from his bio on his Dice Tower website.

I like that quote, especially since I am an Engineer and one who loves board games. Some are very surprised to come in contact with the recent board gaming world to find that it is thriving and new board games continue to be designed and published. If one grew up playing classics like Monopoly and Risk, but have since not pulled out a game since then, the games have changed (for the better). The newer games that are really successful give flexibility, they don't eliminate players, they usually have more of a strategic element (although some are exactly the opposite like Incan Gold, or have a nice mixture like Settlers or Carcassonne), and they usually have a lot of fun new and innovative game play mechanics.

A lot of these games also have great interactive elements that can help with communication development. It is also stated in the article that it helps teach kids how to lose. To learn how to appropriately handle defeat is not something to be looked over.

As a generation bombarded by screens (it seems a lot of our days are now spent staring at computers, television sets, and smart phones) it is very relaxing and nice to turn them all off and pull out a board game. The games are a blast and can definitely provide enough competitive energy in a room to rival a sporting event at times. Just a reminder that a family game night can do everyone a bit of good and that is How Lou Sees It!