Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Witches of the Revolution

Witches of the Revolution published by Atlas Games is one of the strangest themed games I have had the pleasure of playing. The other week we played a dog's life by drinking out of fountains, piddling on lampposts, and burying bones. This week we were witches trying to ensure the colonists were successful in their Revolution. Board games are awesome.

This theme is a bit weird for me, and yet it is also somewhat humorous as well since one of your objectives can be to resurrect Benjamin Franklin. Check out the video review. There is a lot more to the rules and gameplay than covered in the video, such as the event cards also having "when flipped" effects that make you discard cards or move up the moon track, or they may make it more difficult to complete by restricting the cards you can use to complete that quest. Other events are more difficult when other card types are in the event line or based on position.

There really is a lot here. The quality of the game is very nice and the insert well designed. Artwork is well done and fits the theme. For me, I'm not a huge fan of the strange theme, but I have to admit the game play is solid and provides for a fun co-op or solo game experience. The solo mode works well, but a lot of the witches abilities on the bottom of the cards refer to helping and supporting other players during their turns. This is great for the multiplayer co-op but during solo play is a little frustrating at first that a lot of the abilities just are not used in solo play. The game provides interesting and challenging decisions with what event is your highest priority, and what witches do you recruit and which witches do you banish to do so. Use of the objective trophies is also vital to winning the game and therefore choosing events with symbols needed to complete those objectives in a certain order can make a difference too. This could easily fit into a Halloween themed board game night I think. A very fun game with a very strange theme and that is How Lou Sees It!