Sunday, February 20, 2011


Charade (September 29, 2007 - February 20, 2011)

Charade, our beloved Betta fish for 3 years, passed away this afternoon. He spent his last few hours in his favorite spot (a little place at the top of his bowl where he could rest on a plant pedal) with us close by. The last few weeks have been hard to see him in such pain. It is suiting that he left us on a Sunday. Charade always enjoyed the peace and calm that Sundays always bring.

We picked Charade up from the Petsmart in Logan, UT on February 29, 2008. Charade was a fish of all fish. He had a great subtle blue color with subtle red fins. Charade was liked by everyone who had the opportunity of seeing him. He was a humble fish. Not being as colorful as some of the other Betta fish, he had a rough growing up years, but he found happiness where ever he was and whatever the circumstance. He could see the good in everyone. He really loved his bowl, his plant, and his barrels. He enjoyed spending time swimming, making bubble nests, and showing off his amazing moves and flashing his sleek looking fins. He liked to eat Betta fish pellets as well as freeze-dried blood worms. He also enjoyed watching good movies (his favorite being Finding Nemo).

You could always count on Charade being there for you. When you needed someone to talk to or watch swim around, he was there. When you had a bad day, he was there to cheer you up. Charade also had his bad days. During the winter months of 2009 he moved into a bigger bowl which he greatly disliked. He went on a hunger strike, not eating for about 3 months, until he was moved back into his 1 gallon bowl and got comfortable again (sorry about that buddy).

As Charade got older, he needed a little more special attention as his eye sight started to fail. Food was strategically placed and poked down in the water to indicate where it was. He enjoyed life, the good and the bad. He took every chance to get out and see the world (the best he knew how as a fish). Charade came with us on trips to Salt Lake and he even spent a few days in Bountiful with a friend. Charade was so likable and inspiring that stories were even written about him.

Just like Charade left an empty bowl, there is a spot in my heart (bowl shaped) that is now empty. Charade has gone on to swim with his fish friends in heaven. May we all remember Charade and his wonderful life. I would like to close with one of his favorite quotes: When you are faced with waves of tribulation, remember the wise words of Dory - "Just keep swimming."

Charade was preceded in death by Remington Steel and is survived by owners Lou and Lou's wife. Bowlbearer, Lou. Flushing was held at 8pm and words were spoken by Lou and Lou's wife with a special musical number sung by Lou's wife ("Each Fish That Touches Ours For Good"). In lieu of flowers, Charade requested money be donated to NFWF.

This one is for you Charade, and that is How Lou Seas It.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dr. Lucky The Illusionist and His Dog Bella

Bella ("Hey you! Come here for a second!")

"Hey you! Come here for a second!" I can't tell you how many times I have this happen to me. One of my friends recently had the opportunity to witness first hand one of these occasions and kindly took a picture. A picture really is worth more than a thousand words. For those of you who don't know me well enough, that is me in the picture above and I do not own a dog.

I am wearing my usual winter coat, a beanie, and I just happen to be wearing some skater jeans (they have a zipper not buttons). I am also standing outside of Papa Murphy's Take 'n Bake Pizza with a dog named Isabella (aka Bella).

Let me back up a bit. For some reason people are drawn to me. No, not like teenage girls are drawn to Johnny Depp, but more like a hungry man is drawn to a hot dog seller. People, random people see me, and then proceed to call out to me. You would think I am used to it by now, but it still catches me off-guard and it takes me a minute to realize that they are indeed talking to me. "Hey you!" "Yeah, you there!" And then its always followed up with "Come here for a second!" I am usually a good distance away, and my survival instincts (and perhaps some mistrust issues) tell me there is a possibility that this person is going to mug me, kill me, or frame me for something. I just don't like the fact that they don't say why they want me to walk over to them. They just expect me to come. I must say that after so many experiences I am getting much quicker at the whole thing.

So, I oblige the individual and walk over. This is how Heavenly Father gives me opportunity to serve. One time I helped a man who was fishing. He was older and was fishing off a boardwalk high above the water. He explained that he just likes to catch and release and he had just caught a fish, but when he tried to toss it back, it didn't make it into the water but was laying on the ground a foot or two away. So, he asked if I could climb down and put it back in the water for him. What was I supposed to say, no? I climbed down and did the last thing I was expecting to do that the life of a fish (and perhaps an old man's life as well).

Back to Bella. As my friend and I waited for our delicious pizza, the door opens and I hear it. "Hey you!" "Hey L man!" (that's a new one...I still don't know exactly what he said, but it sounded like he called me "L" man). Here we go again, "come here for a sec!" This young man had brought his dog, but wanted to get some pizza. He asked me if I had ordered already. I said we had and he was disappointed. He said that he would have ordered and paid for my pizza if I were to watch his dog for him. I told him I could watch the dog for him regardless. He was very grateful and told me that Bella was very well behaved. And, well...hence the picture. I stood there and waited so that he could order.

I really wonder what it is exactly that makes people call out to me. Is it the beard? Perhaps. The amazing sparkle I have in my eye? Could be. If you are reading this young man with the dog named Bella, or the old man who likes to catch and release...could you answer this long unanswered question?

The Illusionist

Drama, Mystery, and Romance. Starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, and Paul Giamatti (along with Rufus Sewell). A similar feel to The Prestige which also came out in 2006, both movies are really well done and both are great movies. I may do a review on The Prestige later after I have had the chance to watch it again, but I do have to say that The Prestige may be rated a tad higher (mostly because of cast, acting, and originality). I mean can Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, and cast compare with the cast of The Prestige (Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, pop legend David Bowie, and Gollum (or better known as Smeagol to his friends). Anyway, that is for a different review.

The Illusionist has really amazing cinematography and even though the mystery is a little less of a mystery than I would say The Prestige is, it is still highly original and clever. It was like watching a really amazing magic show all the while you have an inspector (Giamatti) trying to solve and understand the workings of the illusionist. A lot of great movies have an inspector or cop involved in them (most of the good ones starring Tommy Lee Jones as the said cop or investigator (doesn't hurt to have Harrison Ford either) - p.s. for all of you MIB fans...MIB3 is in the filming stages). Anyway, this movie is visually amazing, the story is good, the acting is good, the music is ok, and overall, it gets 4 fingers up!

Kill Dr. Lucky

Professor Plum with the revolver in the conservatory or was it Spencer with his revolver lighter in Granger High School? Clue, a classic game of logical deduction. We all know from the game of Clue and many hours of CSI how difficult it can be to solve a murder. Sherlock...Watson... these are some men that can appreciate the reasoning and thought behind solving a murder.

Well, in Kill Dr. Lucky (the board game) you and your friends are invited over to Dr. Lucky's mansion. Poor Dr. Lucky won't be too lucky tonight. You and your friends (for whatever personal reasons you have with the old chap) are all very eager to kill Dr. Lucky. Maybe it is to silence him or to gain some of his wealth. In the game, each of you wander the house looking to acquire the best or most convenient murder weapon, and most importantly find Dr. Lucky alone. But wait! Everyone else wants to have the pleasure to themselves and they will do everything to stop you from your plans. An enjoyable game for 3-7 conspiring players. The concept is a bit morbid, but fun. Not a perfect game by any means, but a good one.

And that is How Lou Sees It.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rapid Review

Some reviews and thoughts on my mind in rapid succession (p.s.-rating scale at bottom of the page):

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn, or KEY, is an amazing game for the Wii. I recently purchases said game from a 10 year old boy who received it for Christmas, and apparently did not like it. His loss. Not only did I buy a brand new game for half the retail price, but I bought one of the best new Wii games on the market!

KEY is visually a well crafted game with cleaver interactions with a world full of yarn, buttons, and zippers. The music is also very well done. The game play is fun and enjoyable without being difficult. Now, that may be the only weakness of the game, is that it may be too easy and too short. It is very well done though, and a favorite.

The Fountain

Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz star in a stupid movie called The Fountain. I like both of these movie stars, but this movie was too weird and too artsy. Came out in 2006 (a time where movies were forbidden from my life). I did not need to see it then or now. Don't waist your time.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this Drama Romance movie from 1993. Leo plays a mentally challenged boy and Johnny Depp his older brother. It was interesting to see Johnny Depp in a very different role than I have seen him in before. Leo's performance was also unusual given the circumstance. The movie is actually pretty well done, but the story is awkward and it just was not my favorite.

The Other Guys

A Will Ferrell cop Comedy. Ferrell's movies are a hit or a miss with me, and this one was a miss. It can join Blades of Glory and his other more inappropriate movies that are just not that funny. The Other Guys left me board and I tried to laugh, but it just didn't do it for me.

Everything is Illuminated

A Comedy Drama starring Elijah Wood aka Frodo. Came out in 2005 (again, the 2005-2007 forbidden time). Comedic elements, but by far another Holocaust Drama. Interesting premise, but the movie is full of language and is just not really worth your time.

Easy Virtue

A Comedy Romance starring Jessica Biel and of course, my favorite Colin Firth (oh, Firthy...Firthy...Firthy). Came out in 2008 in Ireland...yeah, Ireland. Anyway, as you could gather from the title, this movie has some sketchy scenes. It did provide some pretty good laughs, and I have to give it to Firth...he does well what he does. He is a very likable guy. I do owe Tiffany an apology. The movie itself was nothing to write home about. Has a weird plot to it, and a bit lacking.

Head Over Heels

A Comedy Mystery Romance starring Freddie Prinze Jr. Yeah, I know, most of you are asking why on earth did you even grab this one right? Well, I don't know. Sometimes you just grab one and give it a try. Again, it provided some laughter, but it was really....well, dumb.

Stranger Than Fiction

This is a movie that we own and is actually one of my favorite movies. Will Ferrell like you have never seen him before (and actually this and Elf are probably my favorite Will Ferrell movies). Categorized as a Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance, it came out in 2006 (a movie that I am so glad did not slip through the cracks). Will Ferrell's character works for the IRS. He also starts to hear a voice in his head, narrating his every move and thought. It gets real interesting when the narrator says that "little did he know...", well, I don't want to give the movie away. Anyway, a really funny and entertaining movie also starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (she is a fantastic actress), Emma Thompson, and Dustin Hoffman. What are you waiting for? Go either rent it or buy it now! (Oh, ps. interesting know the Sonic Fast Food commercials with those two guys in the car? Well, they work at the IRS with Will :)

Traffic Light (TV Show)

A great new comedy about 3 friends. One married with a kid. One in a committed relationship. One single. I really enjoyed the pilot episode. Too early to give it a rating though. One to watch and see.

That is How Lou Sees It.