Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rapid Review

Some reviews and thoughts on my mind in rapid succession (p.s.-rating scale at bottom of the page):

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn, or KEY, is an amazing game for the Wii. I recently purchases said game from a 10 year old boy who received it for Christmas, and apparently did not like it. His loss. Not only did I buy a brand new game for half the retail price, but I bought one of the best new Wii games on the market!

KEY is visually a well crafted game with cleaver interactions with a world full of yarn, buttons, and zippers. The music is also very well done. The game play is fun and enjoyable without being difficult. Now, that may be the only weakness of the game, is that it may be too easy and too short. It is very well done though, and a favorite.

The Fountain

Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz star in a stupid movie called The Fountain. I like both of these movie stars, but this movie was too weird and too artsy. Came out in 2006 (a time where movies were forbidden from my life). I did not need to see it then or now. Don't waist your time.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this Drama Romance movie from 1993. Leo plays a mentally challenged boy and Johnny Depp his older brother. It was interesting to see Johnny Depp in a very different role than I have seen him in before. Leo's performance was also unusual given the circumstance. The movie is actually pretty well done, but the story is awkward and it just was not my favorite.

The Other Guys

A Will Ferrell cop Comedy. Ferrell's movies are a hit or a miss with me, and this one was a miss. It can join Blades of Glory and his other more inappropriate movies that are just not that funny. The Other Guys left me board and I tried to laugh, but it just didn't do it for me.

Everything is Illuminated

A Comedy Drama starring Elijah Wood aka Frodo. Came out in 2005 (again, the 2005-2007 forbidden time). Comedic elements, but by far another Holocaust Drama. Interesting premise, but the movie is full of language and is just not really worth your time.

Easy Virtue

A Comedy Romance starring Jessica Biel and of course, my favorite Colin Firth (oh, Firthy...Firthy...Firthy). Came out in 2008 in Ireland...yeah, Ireland. Anyway, as you could gather from the title, this movie has some sketchy scenes. It did provide some pretty good laughs, and I have to give it to Firth...he does well what he does. He is a very likable guy. I do owe Tiffany an apology. The movie itself was nothing to write home about. Has a weird plot to it, and a bit lacking.

Head Over Heels

A Comedy Mystery Romance starring Freddie Prinze Jr. Yeah, I know, most of you are asking why on earth did you even grab this one right? Well, I don't know. Sometimes you just grab one and give it a try. Again, it provided some laughter, but it was really....well, dumb.

Stranger Than Fiction

This is a movie that we own and is actually one of my favorite movies. Will Ferrell like you have never seen him before (and actually this and Elf are probably my favorite Will Ferrell movies). Categorized as a Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance, it came out in 2006 (a movie that I am so glad did not slip through the cracks). Will Ferrell's character works for the IRS. He also starts to hear a voice in his head, narrating his every move and thought. It gets real interesting when the narrator says that "little did he know...", well, I don't want to give the movie away. Anyway, a really funny and entertaining movie also starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (she is a fantastic actress), Emma Thompson, and Dustin Hoffman. What are you waiting for? Go either rent it or buy it now! (Oh, ps. interesting know the Sonic Fast Food commercials with those two guys in the car? Well, they work at the IRS with Will :)

Traffic Light (TV Show)

A great new comedy about 3 friends. One married with a kid. One in a committed relationship. One single. I really enjoyed the pilot episode. Too early to give it a rating though. One to watch and see.

That is How Lou Sees It.


  1. Okay, Everything is Illuminated is actually one of those rare situations where the film is better than the movie--I mean, you get a brilliant casting call with the lead singer from Gogol Burdello playing Alex, and then you get one of, I think, Elijah Wood's most compelling performances. I normally can't stand the guy, but he ends up being just subtle enough to pull off the role. Come on, Lou, you'd think with a real interest in Eastern Europe you'd see the gold in this film... :)

  2. Whooooopsie, the film is better than the book...sorry.

  3. I think you should post more non-video game reviews.

  4. Agree with Stranger than Fiction being a fun movie to watch. Maggie Gyllenhaal as a hot, passionate, against 'the man' cook with tats.... what's not to like.