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How to win 100 Grand and Lou Plants a Garden

Welcome readers to a very special blog post. You are all invited to play for a chance at 100 Grand! (Inspired by one of my recent reads, "The Westing Game.")

The rules are simple, the game challenging:

1. Be the first to unravel the given clues and you will obtain that which you seek.

2. Those seeing something extra to the same will do best.

3. You should find clues within "How Lou Sees It."

4. Listen to your eyes, look with your ears, and seepa with your feet.

5. Watching one travel on a horse EW is allowed.

6. Give heed to letters and numbers and remember what you have seen.

Now that you have everything you need, answer correctly the hidden question to win. The first to get it right will win 100 Grand. Just post a reply with your answer and I will let you know when we have a winner!

A green thumbs up to gardens everyone! Over the past couple of weeks, I have taken the time and money to plant a little garden (about as well as you can do in 7 patio pots). I felt a little like Kevin Costner in Waterworld as I had to buy precious soil from others and keep it in a pot because I lack the earth to plant a traditional garden.

I don't know what it is about growing plants that produce food, but it is a bit addicting really. Entire games have been made under the goal of growing things (The Farming Game, Farmville, and Harvest Moon) and they are somehow very entertaining. Being able to water and tend to plants that will produce food is just as fun as growing carnivorous plants (which is really awesome by the way).

My garden is nothing too special, like I mentioned before, but I will keep you updated on the progress of my garden via pictures now and again. My garden includes a Sun Sugar Tomato plant, Strawberry plant, Yummy Bell Pepper plant, Sweet Banana Pepper plant, Beat seeds, Pea seeds, and Radish seeds. I really like to eat radishes for some reason, and its a bonus that they grow so stink'n fast.

After a few weeks you can see that I thinned down my radishes so that the actual radish will be able to have room to grow, and my strawberry is turning a nice shade of pink. The tomato plant was planted a bit latter and was struggling a bit before I planted it, but I hope all goes well. Enjoy some pics!

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
I did not read this book when I was a young Lou, but it is a Newbery Medal award winner and is frequently read in schools. The book is a fantastic mystery novel and the author is very clever and cunning with word play, the characters, and her writing. The book has a great sense of humor to it and I was not disappointed with the ending (some mystery novels come up short in really the most important part of the book, this one does not) and the entire book had me flipping back through the book trying to figure out the mystery myself. A great light and short read for anyone wanting a nice little mystery book to read. I would also suggest reading this a week or two before July everyone! Enjoy!

Stuck on how to win a 100 Grand?
If you can't get it with what was given, try these extra hints to help you along (hints are hidden, highlight the area after the number to see the hint):

Hint #1: The answer is a location.

Hint #2: Reread the rules.

Hint #3: There are 2 possible answers, but each answer shares one letter in common.

Hint #4: If you have a QR-code reader, another clue for you below:


And that is How Lou Sees It!