Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Farm Beans

Day 6 - Bohnanza
Designed by Uwe Rosenberg

"To Bean or Not to Bean!" What is better than farming apples, oranges, or potatoes? Farming beans! Jack will tell you that farming beans, even magical ones, can be a challenge...especially if you are competing with other bean farmers. Bohnanza is a game for 2 - 7 players. The game takes about 45 minutes to play, and the concept of the game is fairly simple making it a game that kids around 8 and up will be able to play. The concept of the game is to "plant" different kinds of beans in your limited fields (you start the game off with 2, but can expand by purchasing a 3rd bean field for 3 gold) and to harvest these fields at the best time. Each player has a hand full of cards that can not be changed from the order they are drawn in. When it comes time to take your turn, you have to plant the first bean card in your hand. This may require you to harvest a field of a different bean type prematurely giving you less than you wanted to earn on it, or maybe nothing at all. The game plays very well with 2 players and with more players. The game is geared toward 3-7 players, with the best game play coming from 4-5 players I would say. The 2 player version is really fun and has its own strategy to it, and with 3 or more players the game becomes very much so about trade. It's like Pit meets Settlers. The only way to rid yourself of cards in your hand is to trade them to others who may want them and this also allows you to obtain the beans you need to make you the wealthiest bean farmer around. The Wife and I played the 2 player version tonight, and as you can see by the scoreboard - we tied tonight with 25 gold each. Definitely a great card game and I highly recommend it to everyone and that is just How Lou Sees It.

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