Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012 and Day 2 of AGAD

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow everyone! Don't forget to check out your local participating stores to get your free comic books. The Avengers came out to celebrate today.

Day 2 - The Rivals for Catan
A game designed by Klaus Teuber

The Rivals for Catan is a fun 2 player card game version of Settlers of Catan. The card game uses the same general idea as the original Settlers game where you expand by building roads, settlements, and cities to be the first to obtain a set amount of victory points. The game uses square shaped cards for just about everything with 2 dice and 2 wooden marker tokens. It uses a pretty Ingenious system for keeping track of your resources (turning your region/resource cards 90 degrees to either gain or spend them) making good use of the cards. The game also has good flexibility and a great replay value with the addition of three different "expansions" or eras that can be played with. For a shorter game, you can play with just the basic deck cards, and for something new you can add in one of the different "era" decks adding a nice variety. You can also play with all of the era card decks for a longer experience. The game takes the general theme and idea of Settlers of Catan the board game and makes for a great 2 player version that adds variety and a bit of different strategy to the mix. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to play and the length can vary with how many victory points you are playing to according to the different cards used. The game tonight was a good one and there always seemed to be a lack of sheep on both ends during the game. My wife had the Strength Advantage and I had the Trade Advantage. The game was very close at the end, but my wife pulled it off a turn before I could. That makes us both 1-1 as I continue on my A Game A Day (AGAD) quest. Fans of Settlers and newcomers a like will enjoy this fun card game and that is How Lou Sees It.

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