Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Game A Day - Day 1

A Game A Day

There is a well known saying that states "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Today I have embarked on a great task and that task is to play a different board game each day for as long as possible. Seeing that I own or have access to about 40 different games currently, I intend to at least play a different game each day for 40 days in a row. My hope is that I may continue past 40 days and keep the streak up as long as possible. There are a lot of great board games out there (and when I talk board games, I am including card games, dice games, and other party games from a box as options - basically I am using the term board game to exclude other games that could be lumped into the "game" category like basketball, video games, etc.). As I continue with this task, I would ask my readers to help out if they so desire by suggesting games that I could play or by donating or lending games to my cause. I will post a review of that game after I have played it for that day. The number of games available to play almost seems endless from Candy Land to Carcassonne, from Checkers to Agricola, from UNO to Dominion, from co-op games to cut-throat, the options are endless. Games give me great joy, and "A game a day makes that day a happy day."

Day 1 - Roll Through the Ages
A game designed by Matt Leacock

Roll Through the Ages is a fantastic dice rolling game for 2-4 players. Matt Leacock is an amazing game designer, the designer of such co-op (cooperative) games as Forbidden Island and Pandemic. This game incorporates a Yahtzee like die rolling system, but the similarities pretty much end there to the classic of all classic die games. The components of the game are very nice quality which includes 4 wooden boards with 24 pegs to keep track of resources, a huge pad of score cards (and you can always print more from the website), and 7 large wooden dice. The dice are fun to roll because of their abnormal die size. The goal of the game is to be the one who develops their city the fastest with the most victory points. This is done by rolling the die to collect food to feed your cities, collecting goods, and getting workers to build monuments to name a few. Players roll a die for each city they have (up to 7) giving them the opportunity to gain more resources and expand their city, but beware - you will have to feed all of those cities and players have to decide where to invest their money. Do you buy medicine to protect you from pestilence or buy irrigation to protect from drought? These disasters can come upon anyone who rolls a certain number of skull dice (which you can't re-roll). But, maybe you are a risk taker not believing in the modern day insurance, and you would rather spend your money on Commerce or Engineering. The game again is fantastic, and there is a free "expansion" (The Late Bronze Age) which you can download from the website. The game doesn't take very long to play and the game is not complicated. I recommend this game to everyone. There are so many different options and strategies that one can take as you Roll Through the Ages and that's How Lou Sees It.

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