Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cosmic Cows and Aliens

Day 22 - Cosmic Cows
Designed by Maureen Hiron

Cosmic Cows is a funny themed dice game where players try to beam up cows by rolling dice Yahtzee style to get runs, sets, or a "yahtzee." There are only 9 cows, each associated with a number for sets, a chance cow, and a straight cow etc. Players take turns pulling these cows closer to their end like a tug-a-war. The game ends when a player can get 3 cows into their red zone. I really like the silly theme and the mindless rolling of dice is always a pleasure. You have to decide if you are going to try and roll 3s to get your opponents cow out of their red zone, or do you go for offense, pulling on the cows that are closer to your zone? A great game where you don't have to write down any score, which I particularly like (and seems uncommon in dice games) - this is kept track by the moving of cows. It makes for a good time. One negative though, is that the game can progress for what seems like forever sometimes. The Wife and I sometimes when the game is going long will invoke a rule that if you can get a cow all the way to the end +1 you can then "lock-in" that cow and it can then no longer be pulled back by your opponent. The Wife won tonight's game gaining not only a win, but a winning record. Congratulations! This funny little game is for 2 players only who are looking for a simple and relaxing game of abducting cows by dice.

Cowboys and Aliens
Directed by Jon Favreau
Starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde

Forget Cowboys and Indians folks, there's a new sheriff in town. Taking the best of the old west and adding in aliens with crazy advanced technology just sounds like a great idea does it not? You get that old gun sling'n vibe with aliens who want to mine the earth for gold and destroy the human race to do so. Throw in some big names (mentioned above) and you have yourself a movie. OK, the truth is I thought this idea pretty intriguing (and it was made from a comic book, so there is a plus) but I probably wouldn't have had the desire I had to see it if Harrison Ford wasn't going to be in it. Rumor had it that Robert Downey Jr. was originally set to take Harrison Ford's character, but it conflicted with the Sherlock Holmes movie (A Game of Shadows - which I still need to see, very excited for it to come out on video). I'm glad it did. Don't get me wrong, Rob is fantastic (especially as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes), but the character for this movie needed Ford and his, for lack of a better word, oldness. The movie is cheesy, plot isn't that great, and I'm not really sure what the movie had going for it other than it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a decently entertaining movie and that is How Lou Sees It.

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