Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Important Crime Scene Evidence Has Been Tampered With

Day 48 - Simply Suspects
Designed by William Stephenson

Fans of Clue, Three of a Crime, Mastermind, and any other deductive reasoning game will enjoy Simply Suspects. What I really enjoy about this game a lot is the actual length of the game - it's really short compared to most games of this nature. The game is very easy to understand and even though the game is very simple it also has some great strategy to it as well. Players are all assigned one of the 6 suspect cards, they are given some "get away" cards that allow the player to move a specific number of spaces instead of leaving their luck up to the dice roll and the game begins.

Each player is trying to point all of the evidence to the other players while not making it too clear who they are so they don't get accused of the crime themselves. The board makes it highly likely that each player will stop at the Grand Jury space on their way around the board. If you end up on this space with 2 or more pieces of evidence on your suspect you are out of the game. If you don't have 2 or more pieces of evidence on your suspect, then by all means you can accuse someone else (guessing who they are). If you are correct, they are eliminated from the game, but beware - if you guess incorrectly, your out. The last player standing wins the game. A very quick game lasting only about 15 minutes, this is a great deductive reasoning game for 2 to 6 players and that is How Lou Sees It.

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