Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Game, Set, Match

Day 55 - Set
Designed by Marsha J. Falco

Because Wimbledon started yesterday, I thought that today's title was a perfect match. So, tonight I serve up a review on set and forgive me if I slip a few Tennis references in; it's not my fault. Set is an amazing card game in which players visually look at 12 face up cards and try and find "sets." The game has 3 different colors (purple, green (like grass), and red (like clay)), 3 different shapes (squiggle (squiggle, squiggle, squiggle....), oval, and diamond), and 3 different shading (clear (or open), solid, and shaded). Finding the sets are sometimes easy, and sometimes you can find yourself starting at the 12 cards for a long time trying to find the set right under your nose. A set consists of 3 different cards in which the 3 cards are either all of the same or all different in each of the 3 categories. A few examples are thrown out on the picture above. The game can be played with 1 to 20 players, but I think it really works best with 2 to 4. I love the simplicity of the game and how the game makes you think. You have to quickly internalize the 12 cards and find and call out "Set!" before your opponents do, or you will be left in the dust. Set is a fast paced card game for all ages that should be in every home, and that is How Lou Sees It.

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