Friday, June 15, 2012

Bluff'n Dice

Day 44 - Liar's Dice
Designed by Richard Borg

You lie. You win or you lose. A fun game that works for any number of individuals greater than two. You know Pirates of the Caribbean? Winning your father's freedom brought to you by Liar's Dice. Or rather winning the honor of being the BEST liar, something we should all strive for.

Everyone starts with a set number of dice, say six, then they roll them and keep them covered. Then you go around the circle with each person raising either the number of die of a certain number or the number on the die or both. (There are many variations on how to do this part.) What follows is a potential round...

Lou: One Two
The Wife: Two Twos
Nicole: Two Threes
Nathan: Three Fives
Lou: Four Fives
The Wife: Four Sixes
Nicole: Five Sixes
Nathan: Call.

When Nathan calls, if Nicole was lying, or rather there were less than five sixes on the table then Nicole loses a dice. If indeed there were five or more sixes on the table then Nathan loses a dice. And thus the game continues with rounds until only one person remains with any number of dice.

Learning to lie never was quite so fun and That is How Lou Sees It.

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