Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Want to Make a Match 4 You

Day 36 - Match 4

Tonight's game is a nice mash up of Connect 4 and Tic-Tac-Toe. There are many different games out there that are very similar and only differ in how the game is presented. In Match 4, players take turn placing their colored pieces onto pegs (as seen in the provided picture). Players attempt to get 4 of their pieces in a row. This can be done vertically, diagonally, and of course horizontally on each level. I really feel that this game is a great improvement upon Connect 4 and provides a bit more strategy working with a nice 3 dimensional grid. The game is small and portable for traveling or taking it to the park or beach (the little pegs detach). I won tonight's game putting me only one win away from a tie with The Wife (what will tomorrow bring?). Match 4 is a fun 2 player strategic game that is definitely worth a try if you want to take Connect 4 to new dimensions.

I Want to Draw a Cat For You

I watch a show called Shark Tank where entrepreneurs reach out to these "Sharks" (or people with money to invest) for money and expertise to help their companies grow. One of the most interesting episodes included a guy who has a company where you pay him to draw a cat. You should check out his website, it's no joke. He is doing pretty well for himself making $10+ per cat he draws for you. Pretty smart little business if you ask me. Beware, you may get his silly jingle stuck in your head - or even better, his dance and that is How Lou Sees It.

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