Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Settle For Four Crowns When You Can Have Five

Day 49 - Five Crowns
Designed by Marsha J. Falco

Five Crowns is a fun card game worthy of each of its five crowns. This card game is basically the face card version of Quiddler. The game is played in 11 rounds where the first round players are dealt 3 cards, and the second round 4 cards etc. The current number of cards dealt each round also signifies the current round's wild card (on the round where 9 cards are dealt, all the 9 cards are wild). There are 6 Jokers which are always wild. Players draw a card and discard a card "going out" when all of their cards in their hand save one can be put into either a "run" or "book." Basically, you can either get the same valued cards in any suit as a book, or you can get a sequence of cards in one suit. The game is similar to Rummy with the additional little changes. A fabulous card game for 1 to 7 players and that is How Lou Sees It.

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