Saturday, November 1, 2014

Argent: The Consortium Unboxing

Designed by Trey Chambers
Published by Level 99 Games
Around 30 Minutes per Player
2 to 5 Players


I open up Argent and show you what is inside the box! Very excited to play this one. Look for a review after I get a chance to play it here on my blog, YouTube channel, and on Board Game Geek, You can check out my interview with founder and president of Level 99 Games, D. Brad Talton Jr., that I posted during the Kickstarter campaign by checking out the interview tab or clicking here.

Hopefully I can get back to posting reviews as I am very behind! Lots of games to review and little time to do it in. I guess we all have our struggles. :) Sickness has run rampant in my household for the last 3 months and life gets busy. Try and always make time for gaming and that is How Lou Sees It! 

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