Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who is the Belle of the Ball?

Designed by Daniel Solis
Published by Dice Hate Me Games
2 to 4 Players
30+ Minutes
Set Collecting, Card Drafting

(8/10 Stars)

One of my past featured Kickstarters, the Belle of the Ball has finally arrived and the party can now get started! I was able to interview Chris from Dice Hate Me Games and the designer Daniel during the Kickstarter campaign and I was very excited to see the final version.

Belle of the Ball does not disappoint - the game mechanics are well thought out and work very well, the components are top notch, and the artwork is just fantastic.  With all of that and a well applied theme, Belle of the Ball may just become your new favorite set collecting game.

With elegant simplicity, Belle of the Ball may just be the star of your next game night.  The game provides good player interaction and the guest cards have some pretty funny names that will have everyone laughing (or at least smiling).  The Belle of the Ball cards provide the needed variance and strategy as you each try and create the best parties.  Collecting guests that share similar interests, I think the theme fits really well.  I like that the game has some different advance variants that will ensure good replay value.  Well worthy of being featured on my blog, I say don't wait for an invitation - go get a copy for yourself and start your own party today!  And that is How Lou Sees It.

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