Monday, July 9, 2012

Scrabbled Eggs and Butts

Day 68 - Scrabble
Designed by Alfred Mosher Butts

Mr. Butts is an inspiration to us all. An unemployed architect lives the American dream...creating a board game enjoyed by generations, plus the inspiration for one of the most popular apps out there. Who wouldn't want to be Mr. Butts? (Or even a member of Mr. Butts' posterity.)

This simple crossword game is easy to play and yet has a bit of strategy to it. Do you save your Q or Z for a triple letter or triple word, or do you get it on the board so you don't risk not being able to play it? Not much else to say about game play as I'm sure you all are familiar with this game, or some variation of it.

The Wife thoroughly enjoys this game too and grew up with grandparents who played it every Sunday, kept a running tally of wins, and they attribute their incredible mental capacity this still have to this game.

So play for fun, play for your health, and play to win. And that is How Lou Sees It.

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