Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

Day 63 - Go

One of the oldest games known to man; placing white and black stones onto grid lines trying to gain the most territory. I am just learning how to play the game and I must say that the idea behind the game is very simple, but there are many situations that I am still very unfamiliar with and the game would be confusing and a bit overwhelming to any newcomer. I am giving Go three fingers up for now with my current knowledge and experience with the game, but this is a game for those willing to spend an hour and half or so playing one of the most strategic abstract games ever made. One of the main things that makes the game challenging in a different way than most games is the fact that you can pretty much place your stone anywhere on the board. You are not really limited or guided at all to where you place your stone. Beginning a game (especially for those not familiar with the game) is like walking into a store you know nothing about and someone says that you can choose any item from the store (but just one). It is kind of an overload. The game is well known for being a very challenging game and it makes an appearance in the movie A Beautiful Mind. It seems like a game that Einstein and Hawking could play for hours on end and that is How Lou Sees It.

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