Tuesday, April 14, 2015

K2R-803 Mobile Charging Unit Review

Mobile charging unit with 2 USB charging outputs and 2 LED light flashlight
Currently comes with two free USB cords and a free e-book
(Amazon Rating of 5/5 Stars)

I have never owned a portable charging station such as the K2R before, and I was very excited about the opportunity to try out and review this one by K2R Technology.  I was given the product for free under the condition that I would offer an honest review of the product.

The K2R-803 is sold through Amazon.com and it comes with 2 free USB cords and a free e-book. The cords have LED ends that show when the devices are charging and it changes colors when it is complete.

Packaging:  The product arrived in great condition, and the box was good quality.

The Free USB Cords and Built in Flashlight:  I love having these extra cords and they work great! I even was having trouble with my original phone cord, and fell back to using one of these that I received with the charging station.  The cords light up at the end (red if it is charging, and blue if charging complete).  These LED lights are sometimes a little temperamental, but the cords work great.  The flashlight isn't perhaps what you might first envision, but it is 2 bright LED lights above one of the USB outputs.  It actually works very well and I think a really great feature for those times in the car late at night, or if you were to take this camping - perfect. 

Charging Station Performance:  I don't have any other experience with mobile charging stations, but I was very impressed with the K2R-803.  The unit takes about 10 hours to fully charge, basically an overnight charge and you are good to go.  The unit seems to hold a charge, once charged, very well; leaving it be for a week and it seemed to have very little power loss (if any - I didn't really notice any).  The unit charged my phones with speed equal to having it plugged into the wall.  I was very surprised at the nice charging time.  I also ran my Netflix app while charging, and it while it did slow the charge, it still gained at a decent rate.  I really enjoy that this unit has two USB outputs, it is perfect for me and my wife so that we can both charge our phones at the same time.

Summary:  This is a great product!  I really enjoy having this mobile charging unit.  From using it for convenience just around the house when a plug isn't nearby, to charging my phone in the car, and future camping trips - this mobile charging unit does exactly as it describes.  I have only had the unit for less than a month, but I have had no issues and am very pleased.  Users should be aware that the cords that come with this may not be compatible with certain phone cases (example, my iPhone with Life Proof case does not allow the included iPhone cord to be used) - this isn't a huge issue as the normal iPhone cord that you already have with your phone will work just fine with the unit.  Great product at a really great price and that is How Lou Sees It!

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