Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just Desserts is Just Plain Fun!

Designed by Andrew Looney
Published by Looney Labs
2 to 5 Players
25 Minutes
Set Collecting, Hand Management, Order Fulfillment
(7/10 Stars)

Hi everyone! Here is my video review of Just Desserts by Looney Labs. It is definitely my favorite game of theirs. I gave Fluxx a 6/10 stars, and Just Desserts is a 7/10. I think I would always choose Just Desserts over Fluxx. The theme is a great one and the artwork is fun and very well done. The game is filled with so many desserts - you will probably want to eat some after playing.  The game is definitely not as long as some Fluxx games and I felt like Just Desserts is more balanced and more strategic. It is still a really light card game, but it is definitely a great time.  The game provides some "advanced" rules that I think should be used the majority of the time (only play without them if you are playing with younger kids who may not understand the other rules or if you want to avoid a slightly more confrontational game).  I do feel that the "advanced" rules are actually really simple to understand and that they fix some of the small issues that happen when you play without them.  If you play without the "advanced" rules it seems like you may have a run-away winner issue, but if you add the other rules it definitely balances it out in my opinion.  The quality of the cards is good.  I really enjoyed how many different desserts they incorporated into the game and again, the artwork is really great.  A simple, fun, set collecting card game that is by far my favorite Looney game and that is How Lou Sees It! (Check out the more detailed video review below!)

I was given a copy of Just Desserts by Looney Labs for the purpose of this review.

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