Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game is Go!

Designed by Matt Leacock
Published (Kickstarter) by Modiphius
Featured Kickstarter Ending March 28th
1 to 4 Players
45 to 60 Minutes
Co-operative Board Game

So, apparently Thunderbirds was an old TV show and before the news of this game hit my twitter feed, I honestly didn't have any idea what Thunderbirds was. Not only was it a TV show back 50 years ago, but it was done using marionette puppetry with scale models for special effects. To get a better feel of what the show was about, I went to the library and rented the 2004 live action movie. It was an interesting little movie, but I really liked the concept. I think I would personally have a hard time watching the old TV show, but I'm curious to see what else comes out this year in honor of its 50 year anniversary.

The board game however looks like it will be pretty awesome and with Matt Leacock doing the design (same designer of Pandemic and Forbidden Island - THE co-operative designer of designers) - I have a feeling that I will really enjoy this game. It is currently on Kickstarter right now, 864% funded, with many stretch goals unlocked and more available. Check it out - I think you will find it worth your while and that is How Lou Sees It!

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