Saturday, January 22, 2011

Epic Pregnant Mammoth Dances

Epic Mickey.
Mickey Mouse and a paintbrush. The idea of the game is a good one. You are Mickey Mouse and you enter a world of old Disney creations that have been forgotten. You are armed with a magical paintbrush. You have the option to create things using paint, and to destroy or remove things using thinner.

One o
f the main things that I disliked about this game was what I would like to call Navi-syndrome. For those familiar with the Zelda Orcarina of Time, you know of what I speak. For everyone else, it basically means you have someone who annoys you like crazy telling you what to do all the time. The game is also a little slow. The controls are fairly good, although there are times when you can't get the camera to go where you want it to.

I rented the game for two days, and truthfully it may get better as the game continues, but for my short time with it, I was not really impressed very much. It is driven by meaningless quests. I felt like I was playing some sort of old role playing game online. "Oh, I sure would like to help you, but I gave that book to George who is at the city gate. If you get me an egg, I will take you too him." You go visit George. "I do have the book, but I lost my sword in the forest. If you get the sword, I would be happy to give you the book." And on and on and on. Yeah, not the best way to move a story along. I'll take Mario and Link over Mickey any day.

Labor Pains.

Pregnant women. Speaking of pregnant women, my wife has now joined the ranks. That is right, Lou and his wife are having a baby! Exciting times for sure, but until the little rascal pops out, the little one is causing all sorts of mischief already. Somehow, the little guy (about the size of a raspberry), is making my wife really sick all of the time. Nothing sounds good for meals, and she is nauseated a lot. I would send the squirt to time out, but I think he or she is secluded enough from the world.

You will be getting a lot of movie reviews from me now and in the future. I have started renting movies from Hastings (49 cents per day rentals) and I love movies. You know you like movies when you have lots of fun just browsing through the movies for hours on end (I do this with books too). the movie review.

Labor Pains stars Lindsay Lohan who pretends to be pregnant. I thought it would be a funny one for my pregnant wife and I to enjoy and laugh at. It was ok. My wife enjoyed it more than myself (she would give it a 2 or 3 fingers up). It had some funny moments. I enjoyed her performances in Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, and Mean Girls more than this performance, but maybe that is because she was doing more drugs at this point in her life.

Mammoth Park.

So, do you remember the movie Jurassic Park? (Great movie p.s.) Well, we are well on our way to such an establishment. In 5 years from now Japanese researchers hope to have the first living Mammoth. My guess is that if this is successful, dinosaurs are next. And why not? Well, I guess if we take the Jurassic Park movies to heart, we should think about the fact that we are creating some animals that would want to eat us all. But the main reason why they would create such a park is of course money. Having the only living dinosaurs in the world would create a very high demand. My hope is that I will be able to be hired on as an engineer to design the rides in the park. But I get ahead of myself, we are only at the Mammoth stage. If they are successful, we shall see how well it is excepted. I am pretty sure that the zoo in Japan will raise prices and be making bank. Maybe the US should start on the dinosaur thing right now...get a leg up on the competition. (Mammoth News Link)

Just Dance.

Hastings also has video games to rent. I like the idea of renting games and being able to test them out before you purchase them. I could actually see myself buying this game in the future. It is a great workout for one thing, and really fun to dance too. I am speaking of Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I look forward to dance parties with you all. I have learned some pretty nice dance moves.

Note: Stay tuned for future updates including new Cornelius Fly cartoons, new Polls, and many new posts.
I apologize for the lack of reading material over this past week. Charade, my beta fish, has been very ill. I think he has a few more days to live...maybe a few more weeks. True, he is elderly (a little over 3 years old - we have had him for almost his entire beta life), but it is still a sad time. It also brings back past memories of past pet friends from my childhood (Remington Steel etc.). Stay tuned for a post that explores and gives you the full 411 on Lou's pets.
Your prayers for Charade are appreciated...that is How Lou Sees It.

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