Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We Finish Each Other's Slamwiches!

Designed by Monty and Ann Stambler
Published by Gamewright
2 to 6 Players
15 Minutes
Card Slapping, Speed, Children's Game
(7/10 Stars)

I take a look at Gamewright's Super Slamwich! A really solid card slapping game that is pretty fun. It is a very simplistic game, but the artwork and gameplay works well. It is basically war mixed with slap jack mixed with Egyptian ratkiller and it has sandwich themed cards. 

The cards in this version are huge! That is part of the fun, but may not be for everyone as some kids may have difficulty holding the cards - so, in that case you can still get the normal version. I recommend this game for kids or to play with kids (it has been fun to play even with my 3 year old). For me, I consider this a 5/10, but for children I think it would be around an 8/10 - so, overall I give this 7/10.

I was given this copy of Super Slamwich by Gamewright for the purposes of this review.

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