Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dragon, Dragon, Magi

Designed by Robert Burke and Richard Launius
Published by Robert Burke Games and Grey Fox Games
2 Players
30 Minutes
Hand Management and Area Control
(5/10 Stars)

Absolutely LOVE the artwork for this game. For me, the theme and artwork is fantastic. The gameplay however seemed boring. Each player plays with the same dragon and battle cards (save a few advanced battle cards that you can add to your specific deck). The dragon stats were just too similar. Pixel Tactics uses same decks for each player and yet they can all be played so differently. Draco Magi felt very luck driven and I was just bored. 

The abilities of the dragons are themed well and the battle phase offers some interesting choices with combos and stacking attack cards. There is some element of bluffing as well. Even with all of that, I couldn't get excited about anything other than the beautiful artwork. Maybe I need some more plays, but it just didn't strike the right chord with me. I also did not like the immodest female on the cover - why didn't they just stick with the awesome dragon artwork?

This is definitely a well thought out game with amazing artwork, but I just didn't enjoy it and that is How Lou Sees It!

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