Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Card Sleeves Bit Me!

Designed by Dave Chalker
Published by Mayday Games
2 to 6 Players (Although the game is really designed for 4 to 6)
20 Minutes
Push Your Luck, Hand Management, Player Elimination

Sometimes you just need a good quick game where you can laugh and not take it too seriously. "Get Bit!" is such a game. Each turn you choose a card and then simultaneously reveal that card with the other players. Players have 7 cards numbered 1 through 7. Playing a low number means that you move first, but that isn't a good thing in this game as you are all in a line swimming away from a hungry shark! If you pick the same number as someone else, neither one of you will move and all the other players will swim right past you and you may lose a limb.

This is the deluxe tin edition - which may lead you to ask what is the difference between this and an original version. Each game includes 6 guys ready to be torn limb from limb and a set of cards for each. Oh, and the shark - a very hungry one. With the deluxe tin version you get - well, a tin for starters. I like tins. They are sturdy although they don't really stack well. This tin and the artwork is great. The deluxe version includes stickers that can be applied to your little swimmers too with a few different ones so you can customize them. I really like the fact that the guys have faces and personalities.

The game play is simple to learn and play and it really is a fun filler game or family game. The game is quick to play and it sure is fun to tear off limbs of the little guys. The game is an elimination game, so you may have someone get eliminated early on and sit out doing nothing - on the other hand, the game is pretty quick. I enjoy the game, but I did feel that it may be a little too random. Your played cards stay in a pile in front of you until you are either bit or you have played them all - then you get those cards back into your hand. So, there seems to be some strategy or memory involved of what has been played. If you like a good strategy game with little luck, I wouldn't recommend this, but if you want a fun quick game where you push your luck and tear off limbs of little guys swimming away from a shark - well, then this is a perfect game for you and that is How Lou Sees It!

Also, I wanted to note that Mayday Games provided this complimentary for a review along with some card sleeves for my Dominion game. They are very nice quality sleeves designed to fit the cards perfectly - and they do. I don't really play with sleeves, but I tried them and they are nice. They were very slippery on one another though and I kept dropping them as I tried to shuffle them. The other thing is that they don't fit back in the original card divider that comes with the game. I see the benefit of sleeves with games such as Dominion though where you will shuffle the cards frequently - and well, Mayday sleeves are nice quality and are available to fit many different games nice and snug. Great fit and great quality sleeves indeed! Thanks Mayday!

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