Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Calendar...Friday is Immortal

 January is the Monday of Months
Happy Wednesmonth everyone! Have you ever noticed that the months have a "feel" to them similar to the days of the week? This came as an epiphany to me this January (or I should say Monmonth) and I created the following new nomenclature:
Now, I realize that this new nomenclature is not perfect and may not seem valid to certain people. Everyone has their own different feelings about certain days of the week and about certain months. This nomenclature was devised by my own personal views and feelings at the current time. Now, this is also based off a "regular" work week and does not consider birthdays etc.

This all came about in Monmonth of this year because it became very apparent to me that January feels like a very long Monday to me. I just went back to work after a nice long break which included family, friends, Christmas, and New Years. The month of January is cold, wet, and void of holidays. I don't mean to pick on Monday or January, but they feel the same to me.

Tuesmonth combines February and March and is a transition type period. Wednesmonth is our half-way part of the year and things are starting to feel a bit better. Warmer temperatures, Spring is here, and once Wednesmonth is over we are past half way done with the year. Thursmonth feels like Wednesmonth a bit; its warm the year continues onward and its getting close to the yearend.

"Everybody is working for the year end." Frimonth, the month after Thursmonth and before Saturmonth. Saturmonth and Sunmonth are full of thanksgiving and Christmas (and time off). Even with all the snow and cold, it feels like a weekend. Also, it is fitting that Sunmonth includes Christmas, a time where we are usually more focused on our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Below are two other options for nomenclature:
Nomenclature #2 is based loosely on a students view and nomenclature #3 is based loosely on the seasons. Vote for which nomenclature you best agree with or feel free to pick Other and submit your own in the comments for this post.

Yesterday Was Thursday...Today, It Is Friday...We So Excited!
Wow, we so very excited for this post! I have to thank a few of my friends for introducing me to this amazing music video and song, "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

The first time I saw this video I really laughed myself to tears. The lyrics are of course the main contributing factor. The music is actually kind of catchy. I find myself wanting to re-watch this video every day (not just on Friday or in Frimonth)! If you ever need a good laugh or you need to cheer someone else up, watch the video. The reason for the thumbs up is not based on the lyrics or song, but the pure joy that it brings.

The laughter and enjoyment does not stop there! Rebecca Black has provided us with parodies from some of the best comedic minds of our time...check them out:

Conan O'Brien had the original idea, and Rebecca Black totally piggy backed....

A special where Stephen Colbert sings "Friday"...

Now Rebecca Black's song "Friday" is one of the most talked about songs out there. It is being dubbed the "Worst Song Ever," and that can have a negative impact on a 14 year old girl. She definitely does not deserve the horrible bullying against her (watch her interview on Good Morning America). To learn more about Rebecca Black and some more interesting facts about how "Friday" came about, check out Wiki.

This song just makes me happy. It makes me laugh, its very catchy, and it makes me really think how things were when we were memories. Thanks Rebecca Black. You are going to have some really hard times from what people are saying, but then again, it sounds like you are handling things pretty well. And like she said, she isn't the worst singer out there. I am actually looking forward to her next song and I hope it comes out soon. Good luck and I'm cheering for you Rebecca!

The Immortal Fire (Cronus Chronicles, #3)The Immortal Fire by Anne Ursu

My goodreads rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Immortal Fire was a good conclusion to this series. I felt that it ended very quickly at the end though, and I actually enjoyed The Siren's Song the best out of the series.

Overall, you should definitely read this series. Its a good time...and a good read.

As we start out this Wednesmonth...enjoy your FRIDAY!

That is How Lou Sees It!


  1. Bahaha! I was reading the first comentary and RB's "Friday" was already rolling around in my head. I thought the diet coke had finally made me crazy when I scrolled down to see the youTube video right there. Good work!

  2. In my mind November has to be Friday and December Saturday. The two best days for the two best months. The rest of the days, similar to the rest of the months, are of little worth.

  3. I read this before and meant to comment then. I agree pretty much with #2. May is my birthday month and there are so many fun things in June and July so those feel like a Saturday to me. Funny post! :)