Thursday, March 17, 2011

Superman Grounded

Superman and I go way back, and believe it or not I owe it all to Holiday Inn. Not only did kids stay free back then, but one night back in 1994 they were also giving the kids a free comic book if they wanted one. Being the charming child I was...I got 4 (Animaniacs, Batman, Supergirl, and Superman). Little did they know that that simple act would change a lot about my life.

That simple introduction to comic books was a very dangerous one and for one obvious reason...I'm a collector. I have a coin collection, stamp collection, rock collection, marble collection, dice collection, pin collection, and a game collection, just to name a few. Oh, yeah, and I also have a comic book collection. What started out as 4 free comic books is now a collection just over 300 valued over $1,000.

I really enjoy the collecting of comic books, but I also really enjoy reading them (an important thing in my opinion when one collects something). Comic books to me are art and story. To help you appreciate the art form and writing style that is comic books, let me recommend a few things: take a look at my favorite comic book artist's work (Alex Ross), read "Maus", and take a look in a comic book shop and pick out one that stands out to you and read it (or ask to borrow one of mine, I have favorites).

As we are on the subject of comic books already, let me discuss movies/tv based on comic books. Comic book stories and characters have always been portrayed in other media besides the actual comic book. If you are going on a long road trip, let me recommend  getting a few old radio shows for the drive (Superman in radio form is pretty entertaining or my favorite may be The Shadow). As the world moved from radio to the screen, so did follow our super friends.

In 2002 Spider-Man changed how comic book movies were viewed and how superheroes were viewed in general. With Spider-Man's huge success on screen, Spider-Man was everywhere! Comic book movies could be highly profitable, and thus the movies followed....X-Men, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Superman Returns, and Batman etc. Some more popular than others. Not only did other superheroes  join Spider-Man on the screen, but they returned in sequels! We are only brushing off the surface now. With many more movies scheduled for release...Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Thor, The Avengers (Introducing Captain America), another Spider-Man, Green Lantern, and many more. For a current list of all the movies based off of comic books, click here.

I have really enjoyed most of the superhero movies myself. The movie industry and the world population is eating it up. Why? Because a lot of people enjoy the story telling and characters that come from the comic book universe. Each of these superheroes have a legendary origin and stories upon stories have been written about them already (some for over 70 years). The characters have a lot of depth to them and have refined themselves over the years.

Comic books transport us into another universe; people with amazing powers or abilities standing up for what is right. I really enjoy Alex Ross and the comic books he has been involved in, because he makes them more real (click here to see some of my favorites in one book). They also include my two favorite pieces of artwork (Superman and Batman), where Superman and Batman are shown like never before. After the battles and it gives a look more inside their lives.

Let me update you on what Superman is up to currently. Superman has been away on New Krypton, and when he comes back to earth (similar to Superman Returns the movie) and people have mixed views of his return. Some people are angry with Superman for leaving them for a different planet. They feel that more and more Superman has lost touch with the American people. Superman gets to thinking about that, and decides to slow things down. He is going to walk across America, no flying and no super speed. He is going to walk through towns and get to know the American people and their every day problems (the series is entitled "Grounded"). He started this back last year and will continue for the next few months (there was a contest before the storyline started and people could enter and say where Superman should go close by near being Salt Lake City).

Currently Superman is in Boulder, Colorado and is on his way to Salt Lake City next month (along with Bruce Wayne)! I'll keep you updated each month on where the Man of Steel is on his journey.

And that is How Lou Sees It!

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  1. The board games I knew about of course, but I had no idea you had such an extensive comic book collection. Quite impressive my friend. I give this post my version of your thumbs up.